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In earlier posts I have discussed how to use parchment paper and the use of the vegetable bag you bring home from the store.  Those posts included tips that were geared to saving you time.  Today tips will show you how to freeze ground beef for easy future use and how to use Kitchen shears.

When you bring some ground beef or turkey home from the store you may want to freeze it.  Rather than freeze it all in one block, it is a better idea to freeze it in smaller pieces so you can use just a part.  The quick way to do that is to use your hand or fingers and press them into the slab and make indentations or cuts into the meat.  You do not have to worry about making it completely separated.  Just place it in a large zipper freezer back and put into the freezer.  When you are ready to use a part, you can remove the meat from the freezer and simply break off the portion you need.  This tip also would allow you to buy the ground meat in larger quantities and save money.

Kitchen shears are very useful in the kitchen, if you do not have a pair you need to get some.  Here are just a few of the uses:

  • Preparing a salad?  The shears are great for cutting the lettuce.
  • Using cherry tomatoes or grapes in a recipe?   Cutting them one by one is a chore.  Using the shears makes short work of it.  Just hold one between your fingers and snip.  Much safer as well.
  • When making chicken soup, I like to use thighs or quarters.  I brown them in the soup pot then once they have partly cooked I use the shears to cut the chicken into smaller pieces while the chicken is still in the pot.  Just hold the chicken with tongs and cut the chicken with the shears.  Much less messy then pulling the chicken out and cutting on a board.

Do you have other uses for kitchen shears?  Share them in the comment section.

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