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Texting with your phone has almost replaced calling.  Ask any 20 something, and they will tell you that they text much more than call. You may not know some of these tips and tricks.  Sending yourself a reminder, a note to remember, and how to email a text.

Let's start with a simple usage, sending yourself a note.  If you are out and about and come across something you need to remember, a date of an event, a phone number, etc., just send a text to yourself.  Sure you could open your calendar or address book up, but that takes more time.
Another quick hack is when you want to time something, you are leaving your house and you want to see how long it takes to get to Grandma's house.  Just send yourself a text when you leave.  Now you have a time-stamp of when you left, and don't have to remember it.  This can be used for any situation when you need a time-stamp.

Emailing a text message.  Did you know you can send a text from email?  A previous post explained how to use web services to send a text.  But you also can use your email program. If you work in a building with poor cellular service,or where you are not allowed to use your phone, you can use your computer to send an email text.  You have to use the set email address for each carrier, with the persons phone number.  Here are a few examples:
ATandT Number@txt.att.net
Sprint  Number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Moble Number@tmomail.net
Here is a list of US Carrier's 
Here is a full international list.

And finally there are many texting services you can use to get a quick bit of information back to your phone.  Its quick and uses no data.  If you have a limited data plan this may be a good solution to save some bytes.   44636 ("4INFO") is a Google text address that you can use to get info.  You can get the weather, sports scores, flight times and much more.  Here are some examples:

  • Text W and a zip code to get the weather
  • Text scores and team name for results, schedules
  • Text airline name, flight number for arrival times
  • Text a business type pizza, and a zip or city name to get locations
  • Text a movie title and a zip for movie times and locations

Try it out, experiment, see what kind of information you can get with a simple text.  Sometimes less is more!

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