St. Paddy’s Day Egg Cups

It's March 15th so we will be cooking up some St. Paddy's day egg cups for our party this weekend.  if you never have made egg cups you need to give it a try.  They are great to cook ahead and use for packed breakfast food, or just for a quick meal before you run out to work. You know what they say about eating breakfast and being more productive and bla bla bla.

Making egg cups is a simple process.  I like to use silicon muffin cups for ease of removal.  I do recommend a little spray of Pam to help get the eggs out.

For this batch I decided to do bacon and eggs.  I lined the cups with bacon,

Then poured the scrambled egg mix into the cups.

Leave about a quarter-inch of room at the top of the cup for expansion when cooking.  You can use sausage, or any other thing you would normally put in your omelets.  For this special St. Patty's day batch, I cut shamrock shaped pepper to put on top. Cook the egg cups for about 12 to 14 minutes, then gently put the peppers on top.  Finish cooking for another 5 minutes.

The egg cups can be frozen, then warmed in the microwave when you are ready to eat them.


Props to me, and my mother Lois for the shamrock idea and the help in making them.

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